ABI clients are often awe-struck when they get a chance to see their proofs. The smiles, the expressions and the quirks. Dennis sets it up to really capture who you are as a family.  Your portraits don’t have to be staged and formal! I’m willing to travel to your favorite place and catch your family (and pets!) at play. No matter what your family unit looks like, Dennis can get to your essence. He is classicly trained in portraiture and sets up each shot just right. He is also well versed in digital enhancement and can retouch photos to get them the way you want them. Family reunions are a great time to get these pictures!

Whether you are a family of 4 or 40, give us a call, clothing consultation is included. Dennis can advise on a timeless look for your family.

Fill out the form below and Dennis will give you a call to discuss your ideal family portrait.