At ABI Photography we capture the spirit of your event. From the venue and the food to the speakers and the attendees, Dennis has a way of framing the shot and making the best of the lighting to ensure that your memories are preserved and that the resulting photos can be used across the company as PR and Marketing content. We can make your photos available online within hours. You and your guests can order prints and/or digital images on a password protected site using a special access code.

For multiple-day events, we can provide images from each day that evening. Your Marketing team can use these for daily newsletters or for the following day’s slideshows. Your images can go to social media to continually drive attendance and to make the audience feel included. Dennis and his team will make sure that nothing gets missed. You will be pleased with the quality and the character of the photos. ABI Photography has years of experience capturing the real essence of the group with lots of fun candid shots that most photographers would miss.

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